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Sharing our passion of Yoga every day in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment (don’t let the laneway fool you:).


Established in 2014.

Super naive Yoga teacher found a warehouse that was in disrepair. Thought ‘It’ll be grand it just needs a lick of paint.’ 2 years later we’re still adding improvements. We have super friendly and loyal customers and we try to be better every day!

Meet the Business Owner

Matt Q.

Business Owner

Found Yoga back in 2006. Started teaching in 2007. Was happy as teaching Yoga and Djing around the place until the recession started to really set in. Decided I couldn’t compete with Yoga studios as a solo Teacher so I decided to try out the whole ‘Business’ thing! Setting up a Vegetarian restaurant felt like a good fit also so I gave that a shot. It’s Vegan now and Lenka runs it (and she pretty much always has).

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