What to wear in Ireland: City break in Dublin

From cold winters to seemingly endless rain, picking a wardrobe for a trip to Ireland is no easy task, even though there are not lots of rules when it comes to fashion in Dublin – casual and formal are often merged together. It’s best to pack for all weather eventualities when heading to Ireland. You can choose to wear jeans, knitwear, t-shirts, a warm coat and some comfortable shoes.
Check out the exclusive selection below:

1. Rainy Day Out

This kind of outfit it perfect for a chilly rainy day out. Simple yet chic!

2. Street style for a bike ride

Even if it’s too cold outside you can add a stylish bomber jacket to this outfit and you’re ready to go!

3. Red & Winter

All eyes on you with this pair of red pants. Also, choose a chunky, low-heeled boot that you can walk in.

4. Denim Day

Super stylish outfit! Choose burgundy and blue shades to stand out from a sea of black.

5. Urban Winter Season

Do you love urban style? With this comfy outfit you’ll be able to easily transition from exploring the city to enjoying a drink before dinner.

6. Stylish Outfit for a Bike Ride

Winter is always chilly. Bundle up with a cute jacket and complete your look with a pair of metallic sneakers.

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