What to wear in Barcelona: the local dress code

Throughout Spain the locals really care about their appearance. In Barcelona people tend to dress smartly and make an effort when they go out in public. Jeans are very popular there so you can rock your favorite pair of jeans anytime. Also, make sure you take comfy footwear for long walks. Even though the sun is out most days during colder months, having an umbrella on hand is always a good idea.

Here are some suggestions about what to wear in Barcelona while in vacation:

1. Bohemian Winter code

Brown nuances and bohemian style – always a good idea for a trip in Barcelona.

2. To the airport outfit

Don’t forget your jeans and maybe a pair of minty sneakers for long walks. Stylish yet comfortable!

3. Airport Chic

A pair of leggings, some UGG boots, a fluffy vest and a colorful scarf. Lightweight and warm, perfect for travelling.

4. Denim & Leather

Ripped jeans are in style. Mix them with a leather jacket and a white pair of sneakers and carry your essentials in a super stylish denim backpack.

5. A touch of vintage

A touch of vintage is all you need for a stylish appearance. Choose black and blue nuances and add a nice hat and a pair of gloves in case the weather turns cold.

6. Floral Dress & Leather Jacket

Floral dress and leather jacket? Great! The perfect outfit to give you an impressive boho look. Mix it with black boots, a red shoulder bag and some black tights.

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