What to pack for Copenhagen

Copenhagen is not only the coolest city on the Nordic block, but also represents the happiest city in the world. Even though, when planning a trip to Copenhagen you should know that the place is really casual and effortlessly cool. You should focus on neutral colors and avoid bright and neon colors. Some essentials would include a warm coat, a colorful scarf and a small umbrella.

  1. Almost winter! Prepare your wardrobe!


Even if you choose to wear neutral pants and sweater, don’t abandon wearing color. A yellow mustard cape and a pink scarf is all you need for a super stylish appearance.

  1. Shades of winter: red

When we say neutrals we don’t necessarily mean all over. Wear a cute black skirt with a red blouse and scarf to complete a neutral outfit like no other.

  1. Urban Edgy

If you don’t wanna go back to the hotel to change clothes between a long walk or a breakfast in town and your night out this is the perfect option. Shiny but simple and cozy!

  1. Winter is almost here

A pop of color is gorgeous in this type of look. Opt for jeans and a pair of low-heeled boots for a cozy look.

  1. Winter Knit Dress

A nice brown dress, over the knee boots to keep you warm and a parka jacket. What do you need more? Stylish yet comfortable!

  1. Rock and Leather

Pull a rock-grunge girl look off in the middle of an ice-cold winter. It’s quite simple: being grunge addicted allows you to wear comfortable clothing.

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