What to Wear in UK: City break in London

Usually, the London look is classy, never messy and involves plenty of classic pieces. You can opt for classic, well fitted black jeans, nice, modern skirts and cozy walking shoes or boots. Don’t forget your umbrella!

So when you visit, here are some suggestions to help you find out what to wear while in London.

1. Rainy Day Out

The most appropriate outfit for a rainy day in London. Throw on a simple blazer and go for neutral colors. The boots are ridiculously cute, too!

2. Pink Trench Coat

This pink trench coat should keep you warm throughout your stay in London.

3. Denim Day in London

Keep it real in this true classic blue and red combo! Also, this pair of ankle boots with tiny heels is the best choice for a trip in London – travel means walking, and walking in bad shoes leads to painful feet.

4. Brown & Beige

Warm coat, cozy boots and a Fedora hat – all these in a delicious shade of caramel. What else do you need to stay comfortable, yet stylish in London?

5. Almost winter! Prepare your wardrobe!

It’s easy to get cold quickly if you are outside in wet, windy, or cold weather. That’s why you should choose to wear warmer fabrics like wool and leather in London. Bad weather does not mean that you have to abandon wearing color. Pick a colorful scarf and a yellow mustard cape for a stylish appearance.

6. Urban Winter Season

Black and white combos are always stunning! Rock a fluffy black and white coat. So classic, and helps to keep you warmer.

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