The Mezz Temple Bar

The Mezz


Temple Bar’s best LIVE music venue. At least 2 Live acts 7 nights a week and always free in.


Established in 1997.

The Mezz is the evolution of Danger Doyles and The Hub/Switch. Over the years it has had huge musical names such a Razorlight, Chris Slade from AC/DC, Alabama 3, Royseven, The Commitments, The Blizzards, Duke Special, along with movie stars like Rhys Ifans, Cass Anovar, Raoul Trujilo and George Aguilar to name but a few.

Meet the Manager

Slim D.


Slim is the face of The Mezz, a kind of ambassador, if you will. His job is to keep staff and customers happy and ensure everyone is having a great time. He has a stout names after him on sale in the bar, the tap of which sits beside The Mezz’s own ‘MezzMerizer Lager’. Slim is energetic and funny and entertains his customers with his professional ‘Bar Flair’ as seen i the movie ‘Cocktail’.
    Tell him you read about him on yelp and he may even share a shot with you!

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