The Blind Pig Speakeasy South Inner City

The Blind Pig Speakeasy


Secretly tucked away in Dublin city centre, there is an underground cocktail bar known for the quality and artistry of its cocktails that truly evoke the mood of a 1920s speakeasy — The Blind Pig. The Blind Pig will tantalize the taste buds of cocktail lovers. Open daily from 6pm. Experience the forgotten thrill of secret passwords, false storefronts and just a touch of lawlessness. You have to keep it a secret. So shush!


Established in 2013.

Originally a pop up, The Blind Pig Speakeasy used to appear once a month at various locations around the city. Two weeks before, interested customers would get an email with the information on the new location and how to gain access. After two years of this, our founder, Paul Lambert, went to the original venue where The Blind Pig first opened its doors to the public and asked him if he would like to set up shop permanently. Now secretly tucked away in the basement of a well known restaurant, The Blind Pig continues to serve the best cocktails in all of Dublin.

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