Skirts for curvy women

Stylish plus size skirts or Skirts for curvy women are the ideal combination. Why? Because they are comfortable and sits well on any silhouette.

Best Tricks:

  • The skirt must be right or tapered, long, knee or just below.
  • For pants, choose a straight cut, flared and avoid the kind of care that skirt and trousers sit lightly on you.
  • Choose materials shares, avoid large prints.
  • You can choose fine stripes, vertical.
  • Choose neutral colors, grays, black, dark green.


Choose pants with a right waist. Avoid pants with low waist, you will highlight imperfections  And will undermine confidence in you Instead, skirts and pants with a high waist helps you look slimmer, optically.

It is true that darker colors make you look weaker, but do not dress in black from head to toe. You risk appears as a huge eclipse! There are other neutral colors: grays, browns, shades of blue … Try other colors, especially some that’ll benefit the skin, such as green, red, purple, blue – especially if you’re brunette and cream, beige , chocolate, orange, coral, turquoise – especially if you’re blonde.

Avoid throw on straps around the pelvis and abdomen. They will draw attention to that part of the body, and you will feel out of your comfort zone. You can not do that unless they sit under the breasts and form empire waist so, or if you have a thin waist and deserve highlight. There are people who are fat on the face, have big thighs, big bottom … but they are even thinner waistline. Watch as a whole still exist some balance.

Many women prefer to hide plump body fluffy, believing that such dress so as to be advantaged. But this decision is fundamentally wrong! These fluffy, oversized clothes that are variants only will they increase and oversize silhouette, as is logical! Femina should choose models such as pencil skirt or other models in the pictures below! All great looks are trendy and you will benefit. Do not forget to accessorize with some straps.

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