Skinny jeans for men

Finding a pair of skinny jeans that fits appropriately might be tough, especially when we talk about skinny jeans for men. At the same time, they are so versatile that if you style them right, you could wear them for almost any occasion.

The most important aspect of a good pair of skinny jeans is that they should fit perfectly. It’s important to know your measurements and to choose the right size that fits your waist, your hips and your height. Jeans come in all kinds of washes and patterns. We would recommend to invest in a dark colour skinny jeans. This is a statement and timeless piece which can be styled in various ways.

Due to their shape, skinny jeans allows you to show the shoes you’re wearing. A perfectly fitting pair should end right above the ankle, where a normal shoe would start. Skinny jeans are comfortable and functional. A quality pair should not be restricting but body-hugging and made of a mix between denim and lycra which offers them that neat and clean look. You are able to walk, run, ride a bike or do anything else in them just like in a regular jeans. Skinny jeans make your silhouette look more esthetic. Instead of creating that square type of silhouette, skinny jeans allows your curves to show in a natural and attractive way.

A good reason to wear skinny jeans is that they make you stand out in a good way and make you look more youthful. They can give you that confidence and even boost your self-esteem. Skinny jeans are very versatile and can be styled in countless ways. You can style a dark pair with a nice pair of loafers or oxford shoes and leave the ankle to show. Add a blouse over a shirt and you got your outfit of the day. For a night out, quit the blouse and you are good to go.

Skinny jeans have become the norm for fashion conscious guys and a quickly becoming a modern classic, that’s why every man should own at least one pair of quality jeans in their wardrobe.


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