Silk blouses

A brief history

It’s curious how one of the most comfortable and sought out fabric in the fashion industry is one which is produced by small larvae so that they can form cocoons.

That’s not all. Silk goes through a process called softening. Seen as silk strands are very thin the makers must strand them together, so it can be used. This is a long and laborious process, which explains the higher price tag comparing it to the usual cotton and polyester.

The beauty of silk clothes is that this fine garment adjusts to different temperatures, warming you up during summer and keeping you cool during winter.

How do they fit into our daily lives?

Silk blouses look very noble due to the high-quality material and therefore never come out of fashion. These blouses not only go well with elegant trousers or chic skirts but also form a great contrast to casual jeans and cowboy boots. A silk blouse offers fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen many possibilities. As Patricia Riekel once said, “Fashion is always a statement”. And what statement silk garments are!

Today silk is no longer reserved for the aristocracy as in the old days and a typical shape of silk blouses does not really exist anymore. The designers are very creative with this classic garment and offer it in many variations. Not only does silk have a unique sheen, it can also take on excellent colors, which leads to many people showing themselves from a particularly colorful side.

You can choose between blouses with long, short or 3/4 sleeves and sleeveless tops for the summer or in combination with a nice jacket. There are also big differences in the design of these silk blouses. Thus, you find sporty as well as elegant models among the many fashion labels and collections.

Casual or elegant men’s silk shirts

Colorful silk shirts for men are the luxurious companion for leisure time. Casual yet noble, these silk shirts prove that HE who wears them knows something about fashion and lifestyle. They make for a good figure and a laid-back attitude and are perfectly suited for a night out or a nice restaurant. You can wear them for a walk on the coast or for an enjoyable boat trip. Silk shirts in black, white or subtle colors, on the other hand, are an excellent match for suits. If gentlemen want to make a statement and skillfully demonstrate their taste, no other garment is better suited than a men’s silk shirt. Combined with matching silk ties, silk shirts are perfect for any official occasion, for the job as well as for weddings.

To name a few

The Tommy Bahama style shirts channel a casual laid-back look. With their vibrant prints and colors, these silk shirts will make you look as laid back as if you just left Cuba and its amazing cigars behind. These shirts are best paired with chinos, khaki pants, and slacks.

Wear your silk shirt with a raffia fedora or a straw hat. Aviator sunglasses will give you a smooth gentleman look.

Another way to go is with long sleeved and collared silk oxford dress. This is a very good choice for a working man’s wardrobe. Silk oxford shirts do not require a tie, but if you decide to add one, it’ll be an added bonus. These elegant shirts will deliver a polished and comfortable look that’s perfect for a working place.

Wearing dressy silk shirts comes with two holy conditions. You shall not wear one without a suit or a tuxedo. It is a very special piece of garment that only blooms when matched evenly with the rest of the outfit.  Do not wear one with any type of jeans, no matter who you see sporting this look.

Gentlemen who would like to indulge themselves once again will enjoy the flattering shirts made of silk and silk mixed fabric. Not only will it give you a good figure, whether you’re trying to achieve a business, business casual, or laid-back look, it will also provide you with ease and silky-smooth comfort.

Women’s elegant Silk Blouses

No fabric is as soft as silk. It’s an exclusive fabric that guarantees a particularly pleasant, skin-friendly wearing experience. Genuine silk is regarded as the queen of natural fibers and inspires its wearer time and again with its luxurious and extravagant appearance. In many countries of the world, silk has been valued for thousands of years as the preferred fabric quality, particularly for women’s fashion and until this day has no synthetic replica ever come close to its luxurious quality.

As a woman, you have numerous ways to find your elegant silk blouse outfit. In fact, too many to count! We won’t let you leave empty-handed though. If some ideas are what you need then maybe this will help:

A silk blouse will make for an elegant everyday style. Its feminine grace will match perfectly with sleek suit trousers with a fashionable crease fit. Top it off with a grey wool coat for a gaze-attracting outfit that also keeps you warm on colder days.

A silk blouse also goes fits in perfectly with an office. How about combining a soft colored blouse with a timeless white suit pair of trousers with wide legs and style-conscious crease. Let it naturally bond with a grey short cut blazer for a classy formal, yet charming look.

For a lot of ladies, a sip blouse is a must-have. The cut bow and the loose fit make it be a figure-flattering favorite that goes incredibly well with, say, a pink pencil skirt or even clean-cut trousers. That choice will be entirely up to what you prefer wearing.

Always remember to keep a white blouse ready to wear at all times.

Earthy tones make the white shine particularly brightly; Red-black duos, that’s Elegance spelled with a capital E. Silver, blue and grey shades: A very chic combination with white blouses; Even hip and trendy is achievable, just throw in some blue jeans & a cool leather jacket. And if white is too bland, a light grey or yellow, or even a soft pink will do just as well for the mentioned suggestions.

Depending on your given mood, maybe you feel like breaking out of the shell and go a little wild? Go from short-sleeved, through ¾-sleeved, to long-sleeved. Make it interesting with mixed colorful tones.

On that note…

This one goes for all: do throw in your very own personal touch. We can’t tell you how to do that, otherwise, it wouldn’t be personal, would it? There’s nothing wrong with getting inspiration from commonly worn outfits. But never forget that you’re trying to look like you, not like everybody else.

So at the end of the day, how you combine blouses in a daily outfit is entirely up to you. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help you give a little more confidence in what you can and want to wear. There’s not much you can do wrong, with an Elegant Silk Blouse.

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