Running Sneakers Buying Guide

The most importance piece of running equipment is the running shoes. A lot of runners want to get quick a new pair of sneakers and unfortunately, they buy the wrong shoes. That’s why we’ve got some advice to ensure that your next running session will be in glory and not in pain.

Tip#1 The best way to go shopping for running sneakers is in the evening, when your feet are at their largest. In this way you will get the proper size and not just some sneakers that will be too tight.

Tip#2 When you run your feet need to move around a little but for comfort. Always aim for a half size larger shoe. If the shoes are too rigid, you can develop blisters or black toenails.

Tip#3 Every human being has different and unique feet. It is best to have your gain and foot type analyzed at a running store to know what type of foot you have. In general there are three types: flat, neutral and high arched. Flat feet need high stability shoes, neutral feet can fit well in many types of shoes and people with high arches feet can wear cushioned sneakers.

Tip#4 A clever choice is when you go to the running store to bring your old sneakers. The experts from the store can take a look at your old shoes to see your gait, foot strike and foot type.

Tip#5 Do not choose your running shoes only because they look pretty and have nice bright colors. Look for sneakers that have a right fit and that feel comfortable. Design should come after.

Tip#6 Breathability of the material allow your foot to breathe and to feel comfortable. If you are going to run on a rainy day then a less breathable shoe is better for your protection. Summer is great to wear lightweight shoes with mesh material.

Tip#7 Don’t be stingy when you are buying new running shoes, because we have only two feet in our life and we need to take care of them. After you run 400 to 500 miles is best to change your shoes. You will prevent injury in your muscles and joints.

If you plan to pick up running as a sport or you already are a runner, then you know that you need first of all a pair of sneakers that were developed specially for running.

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