Pool Party Swimwear

Summer is a wonderful season and that means fun pool parties every weekend. For women the most important thing when they go to a pool party is to have an amazing, yet comfortable outfit. Women swimwear nowadays can be found in many designs, colors and patterns. You need to look natural and fresh but also you need to be anytime ready to jump in the pool for a cooling moment.

What to wear pool party: Swimwear, Cover-up & Shoes

The swimwear is the most important element in your outfit so choose it with patience and confidence. To be confident about yourself and that you chosen the perfect swimsuit just check some guides that will help you to know what body type do you have and what looks best on you. If you are going at a night party we recommend you to choose a statement one piece swimsuit with crystals, metal details or with jewels. These tiny and elegant details will make you look glamorous and fabulous. For a classic approach just choose a simple swimsuit in black, emerald green or baby blue, depending on your skin tone. If you have a day time party you can wear also some florals, girly ruffles or bohemian fringes. These are the hottest trends this season for swimsuit wear. Get inspired by exotic and tribal patterns which will make you stand out and look feminine, also stylish.

Once you have chosen the perfect swimsuit for you, you need to look for a cover-up to match your outfit. You can wear a kimono, a large scarf or a maxi dress. Also go for bold designs like tribal prints, Aztec prints, ethnic prints and other exotic looks.

For a pool party is best to feel comfortable and have fun so be sure you choose some flats, flip-flops or sandals. You can find elegant and stylish sandals with embroidery details, fringes, even Swarovski crystals if you want something more special.

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