Party dress with sequins

Important rules for wearing super sparkly dresses

Do you love parties, but you’re not really sure how to dress up for one?  What about a dress with sequins? You’ll shine bright like a diamond!

When you’re wearing a sequin dress, you will be in the spotlight for sure. That makes choosing the right accessories and accompanying pieces even more important, but difficult, than with a more simple, subtle outfit.

Since the sequins are so bold and eye-catchy, you should keep the rest or your outfit simple. Even though, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun styling a sequin dress.

Here are some principles that you should follow before wearing a party dress with sequins.

  1. Keep it simple!

A dress with sequins will be the focal point of your outfit. That’s why you should keep the look simple and understated. Don’t pair your dress with a clutch and a pair of shoes and sandals with shiny accents. Instead, go for minimalistic designs, in nude colors, to balance your look. Also, don’t go for statement jewelry, like chandelier earrings and chunky necklaces. Delicate stud earrings and bracelets are a better match with a sequin dress. You can also skip jewelry when wearing a sequined dress.

  1. Add elegance

Because a dress with sequins can be striking, to make sure that you will look classy and not trashy, you should incorporate accessories that give the dress a more elegant feel. For example, pearls are great to transform your look into a graceful one! A pearl choker or some simple stud pearl earrings can help add some elegance to a sequin dress.

  1. Sexy vibes

A higher neckline will help keep your short, all-over-sparkle dress on the sophisticated side of sexy. Avoid sparkle overload by finishing your look with simple, nude or black accessories.  Also, patent-leather is great to add some sequin-free shine to your nighttime look!

Do you now have an idea about how to wear a party dress with sequins?

Get all dressed for a night out – selfies, stilettos, and a whole lot of glitter – sounds like a lot of fun!

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