How to Pack for a Beach Holiday

If you are stuck in winter’s icy grip, a beach trip represents the best solution for you. Be ready for a funny and relaxing trip and be sure to pack your chic swimsuit and sun tan lotion, and leave your chunky sweaters, coats and gloves at home.

Don’t stress out about packing for your trip! Here are some cool suggestions:

1. Beach Time

All you need to look good in your holiday is a fancy one-piece swimsuit. Complete the outfit with an oversized straw hat and some cool accessories.

2. Eclectic Beach Wear

Express your femininity. Wear bright colors, a color block swimsuit and mix it with a flower printed kimono and laser cut shorts! Super exotic!

3. Sailor Inspired

Choose blue, white and gold shades for a spectacular look. This might be the prettiest mix for a holiday by the beach.

4. Ready For the Beach

A timeless black swimsuit is a great choice! Opt for a large bag to carry your essentials and shade your eyes with a pair of playful sunglasses.

5. Beach Outfit

Keep it simple in a white swimsuit and neutral accessories. Wear a straw hat to keep your face protected from the sun and before you hit the beach don’t forget to apply a creamy sunblock!

6. 1980 Beach Outfit

Retro style? Nothing easier. Choose a pin up swimsuit, a comfortable beach bag and some colored oversized sunglasses.

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