Outfits with gladiator sandals

Bold and solid or strappy and subtle, gladiator sandals are versatile and stylish, being a must-have item for this summer. No matter what you prefer, you can find a pair of gladiators that will match your style. You have multiple options, various colors, materials and textures. If you don’t own a pair of gladiators, now it’s the time to buy one, because the best thing about these sandals is that they are comfortable while they elongate your legs, so you will look feminine and sensual.

Outfits with gladiator sandals – Tips & Tricks

When you buy a new pair of gladiator sandals, keep in mind your body figure first. Flat sandals might not be the best choice for petite women, while they can be flattering for tall body figures with long legs. If you want to make the sandals the main item of your look, opt for a vibrant color, such as gold, red or royal blue. Subtle colors, like sand or nude, will give you a more subtle touch without looking too extravagant.

Gladiator Sandals with Jeans

Ankle-length sandals can look very good with skinny denim jeans, worn with a loose shirt or a crop top. Flat heels are the best choice if you want a more casual approach, but for a more elegant look, just try a pair of high-heeled gladiator sandals.

Gladiator Sandals with Skirts & Dresses

This type of sandals look fabulous with mini skirts and dresses because they let your legs to show off. A simple ruffled skirt can make a great combination with a pair of high gladiators. For a more feminine style just opt for a polka-dot dress teamed with a pair of suede high-heeled gladiator sandals.

Gladiator Sandals with Shorts

There is no better way to have a casual and comfortable look than a pair of fashionable shorts worn with gladiators. Just go for classic denim short with a basic tee or for a more stylish approach, sequined shorts and a loose shirt. If you want to look outstanding and chic, opt for a pair of heeled black gladiator sandals.

You can easily find a lot of inspiration if you look for outfits with gladiator sandals. Bloggers, fashion icons, models and fashionistas have incorporated this awesome item in their summer wardrobe and now it’s your turn.

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