National Wax Museum Plus Temple Bar

National Wax Museum Plus


The National Wax Museum Plus is Dublin’s newest and most interactive visitor attraction, promising a fun-filled day out for all. Located in the historical Armoury Building at the head of Dublin’s city centre, the National Wax Museum Plus offers a museum experience unlike any other, featuring our Wax Factor and recording studio, interactive Science exhibition, the Time Vaults of Irish History, plus all your favorite superstars and much, much more! Whether you are young or old, a culture vulture or a fun seeker, star-struck or star-studded, the National Wax Museum Plus is the ultimate entertainment experience for all.


Established in 1983.

The National Wax Museum opened its doors in 1983 in Gransby Row, where it became well known both for its high-quality exhibits and the Giant CĂș Chulainn who scaled the building. The old Wax Museum closed in 2005, only to reopen in 2009 at the Armoury in Foster Place, an historic landmark that once stored Ireland’s gold and arms. Now it holds a newer treasure: the Vaults of Irish History, where the bank vaults hold scenes from Irish history and mythology. With its new home came new innovations. Now the National Wax Museum PLUS, the museum took on new interactive exhibits, including Wax Factor, a Recording Studio, and the Science Zone. Since reopening, the museum has introduced new figures, including Jedward and George Best, and the Chambers of Horror now feature animatronics and a terrifying Freddy Kruger. Moving forward, we are continuing to update our exhibits. The National Wax Museum Plus is dedicated to developing its collection to continue providing an incredible museum experience.

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