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Why do my pupils pass first time?

My pupils pass first time because,

I show them how the tester wants them to drive,
I break it down into simple steps and show them how to prioritise their junctions so that the tester is happy,
I give them a demonstration drive showing them how to do the manouvers,
I make sure they know the testers marking sheet inside out,
I speak to them the same way the tester will speak,
I show them how the tester profiles their driving,
I give them an inside track as to why the tester marks the sheet and most importantly i bring them through an exact Mock Test scenario that exposes weaknesses to me so i can fix their mistakes before the test itself.
I fix their driving habits quickly and only focus on the bigger issues they have.
Teaching or guiding pupils (my preferred term), to pass the driving test is something I find extremley easy and this type of work gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I enjoy taking students from the beginner level to the point where they walk out of their driving test having passed with ease. Like any business, I get calls every week from bargain hunters that would like free lessons, but the majority of calls come from people who have been led to my service by previous students who passed their driver’s exam under my instruction first time over the last 20 years…


Established in 1992.

National driving school has been passing pupils for 25 years on the driving test routes around Dublin.We know exactly what the tester wants to see.

Meet the Business Owner

Kevin H.

Business Owner

Kevin has been regarded as one of the finest driving instructors in Ireland for many years and has seen many changes over a career spamming 25 years now..Passing your test has always been his passion.

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