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Mulligans pub of Poolbeg Street, Dublin is two minutes walk from the main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street and has been at the core of the city’s cultural and imbibing life for nearly 300 years. Originally a shebeen (unlicensed drinking venue) it has been ‘legal’ since 1782, making it one of the oldest premises in Ireland’s metropolis.


Established in 1782.

History: Mulligan’s of Poolbeg Street is one of Dublin’s most revered imbibing shrines, where the very soul of Dublin pub culture can be found. Generations of Dubliners have attended liquid services in this old house. In fact, Mulligan’s is more than a Dublin pub. It is a phenomenon. For more than 230 years it has been submerged in the lives of the famous and the infamous. John F. Kennedy, Seamus Heaney, Judy Garland and James Joyce drank in it. For decades, performers at the Theatre Royal thronged to it while journalists from the Irish Press smoked, fumed and interviewed celebrities in it. Mulligan’s is the subject of a book Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street.

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