Mountain Biking Equipment for Dublin

Although Dublin is a not place renowned for it’s mountains and hills (the highest point in Dublin is at 378 meters high and you can’t really get a lot of nice views), but you still get some places around Dublin in which you can exercise your biking qualities.

But before setting off to some remote forest or hill near Dublin, you need to make sure that you have the equipment required to handle the conditions. So, here’s a short guide on what to wear mountain biking.

First of all, you need some clothes that keep you cool and help you slow down the drag on a mountain biking trip. So maybe some clothes that fit perfectly on you, some sport clothes like breathable shirt, leggings and sport shoes for short trips. If you want to be a little bit safe when you fall, wear a helmet, knee pads and maybe some ankle protections.

Also, if you stay for a long period of time, get some camping gear (check out – what to wear camping article over here) with you in your rucksack to be covered.

Second, the real equipment over here: the bike. You need a robust bike, tailored for you that will make you really comfortable when you actually bike around. Choose some grippy tires and always have at least a spare air camera for your wheel. And of course, a simple tool kit, in care your brakes or changers go wild and decide not to work. It can happen.

Lastly, try to enjoy and not to go on way to difficult roads if you are not experienced enough. Better safe than sorry, you know. In time, if you get used to biking, maybe you can try harder cliffs, but be sure to be with someone to help, in case on need.

That’s all. Go out and have fun and enjoy the ride.

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