Morning skin care routine

Every woman likes to be trendy. But, more important than look trendy is to look healthy and great. In order to do that, you must have a daily beauty routine. After you applied the cream, make-up must follow. In order to be always prepared, you must have a make-up kit. The most important things that it must contain are: the face primer, the foundation, the eyeliner pencil, the mascara and the lip gloss. There are some products that must be carried all the time, because there might be situations that require a refreshment of the make-up.

How to choose the products from your make-up kit

First things first, so let’s talk a little bit about the face prime. It is an essential product, since it protects your face from pollution and dust and it also helps your make-up last longer. You have to choose this product taking into account your skin tone and of course the ingredients. If you buy a product like this in order to use it in the summer, make sure it does not contain any kind of oils, because otherwise your skin will have an oily aspect, and that’s not cool, right? The rules for choosing foundation are pretty much the same, except that it also needs a spf.

Eyeliner pencil is the second most important product, because it will be able to make you look amazing and rested. Eyes are a window to the soul, so they have to look great all the time. A waterproof product is the best option, but you should also be careful about the ingredients, especially if you are a more sensitive person. The color should match your eyes otherwise the result will surely be a disaster. The mascara should also be waterproof. At the office, the only accepted color is black, but in the evening you can wear brown or even blue mascara.

The lip gloss should have a more natural color if you will wear it during the day. Like in the care of mascara, in the evening you can try some more bold colors. But, no matter what make-up you wear, choose to emphasize either your eyes, either your lips, never both.

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