Master Fit Mouthguards Santry


Master Fit Mouthguards provides laminated Custom Fit mouthguards to children, teenagers and adults who take part in sporting activities involving a risk of dental trauma. Wearing such a mouthguard reduces the risk of dental injury by 98%.
The impressions are taken by Dentists, as required by the 1985 Dental Act. The Dentist is responsible for infection control procedures to make sure there is no biohazard to the individual. Once disinfected appropriately, the impression is sent to our Dental Laboratory in Dublin where the mouthguard is fabricated.

The Laboratory is licensed and inspected by the Irish Medicines Board to ensure the highest standard of infection control. The mouthguard is laminated, which means it is laid down in two layers of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This process maximises the protective properties while keeping the thickness manageable for comfort. It also allows the owners name to be incorporated between the layers.

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