Martin Hogan Energy Training St. Margaret’s

Martin Hogan Energy Training


Delivering Excellence in Vocational Training with Plumbing Training, Electrical Training, Renewable Energy Training and More…

Whether you’re a large organisation wanting to ensure the competence of your workforce, a plumber wanting to keep up with the latest legislation and standards or are looking to embark on a career in gas, oil or renewable energies; Martin Hogan Energy Training has the expertise to deliver training that really does “Create Opportunities and Change Lives”.

Martin Hogan has been involved in Energy Training for many years and is well known in the Energy industry, he has established ‘Martin Hogan Energy Training’ to satisfy the training requirements for the energy sector, specialising in the Gas industry, as required for registration with the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII), Oil Technician training and the renewable energy industry. Martin and his team are also directly involved in delivering training for several appliance and equipment manufacturers.

‘Martin Hogan Energy Training’ has a “We’ll bring training to you” approach and delivers training programmes’ on a nationwide basis at your premises or a location near you, to enable you to access the necessary training to achieve the skills, knowledge and ability to prove your competence, allowing you to access the opportunities that exist in this increasingly regulated industry, which will give your customer the confidence and protection they deserve…

Martin Hogan Energy Training informations – contact details, staff, business hours, photos and reviews. Martin Hogan Energy Training St. Margaret’s is also relevant for Specialty Schools.

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