Leather coats or wool coats

Best winter coats for women

Winter coats are the staple in any wardrobe. This season the most fashionable coats are: leather coats and wool coats.

And because a good winter jacket can make the difference between an enjoyable winter and a long and miserable one, we thought you’d love to know how to style your leather coat and your wool winter coat to feel stylish and cozy at the same time. Just make sure you’ll have these two beauties in your closet and embrace the beautiful cold season!

How to wear a leather coat with style

Leather is like a second skin. A good leather jacket is an expensive item that totally worth the money. Why? Because you can wear your coat from fall to spring and look super chic any time. The good news is that anyone can get away with wearing a leather coat: you don’t have to ride a motorcycle or to have a tough attitude. Leather coats look good with almost anything, from sequin dresses to sporty outfits.

This winter you can layer your leather coat over a plaid shirt, add some cameo pants if you want to look extra tough, ankle boots and a chunky scarf for a serious winter vibe.  For a sunny day, add a pair of oversized sunglasses and your outfit will be complete.

For a seriously glam outfit go for an all-black ensemble.

How to wear a wool coat with style

A wool coat represents the perfect piece for this season, mostly because can be styled in so many ways starting from classic looks to urban-chic or glamorous looks. Because of the fabric, this kind of coat is thicker than most others, that’s why the trick of wearing a wool pea coat is to buy one one size large. That, if you’d love to wear your oversized sweaters with it.

For a casual style balance the look by wearing boyfriend jeans, a simple grey sweater with a cool pair of sneakers and a spacious tote. If you simply love sweet colors and classy looks, pick a mustard yellow wool coat and mix it with a little black lace dress and a pair of over the knee boots. Extra stylish!

Make sure you’ll pick the right coat for you! The pleasure of finding the perfect coat is that you probably won’t need to look again for a very long time.

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