Irish Whiskey Museum South Inner City

Irish Whiskey Museum


Daily guided tours & whiskey tastings. Discover the intriguing tale of Irish whiskey while entertaining story tellers unveil it’s origins, rise to glory, dramatic downfall & current revival. The tour completes with a whiskey tasting session with highly experienced Master Whiskey Tasters.

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Established in 2014.

Established by Keith McDonnell, owner of Extreme Ireland and Irish Day Tours. Embark on a journey through time in a historic setting. This fantastic museum unveils the intriguing tale of Irish whiskey, its rise to glory, dramatic fall and of course, the current revival of new Irish whiskeys. A story never told before in such a unique setting, this is an interactive experience you will never forget!

Daily guided tours tell unveil Irish whiskey’s humble beginnings, where this foul tasting liquid eased the woes of a troubled and poor nation. Known in Gaelic as ‘Uisca Beatha’, over time it was translated to whiskee, then later to whiskey as it is known today. This is one of the many reasons why the Irish like to claim the origins of whiskey.

Savour the captivating anecdotes of entertaining story tellers as they bring you through this magical tale. At the end of every tour there is a generous whiskey tasting led by experienced Master Whiskey Tasters where you will try a range of excellent

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