How to Choose the Right Leather Belts

Usually, men don’t give so much thought when choosing a belt, because most of the time they are underneath a shirt, jacket or sweater. However, if you care about your personal fashion style then you definitely know that a great leather belt can make your outfit outstanding.

Men that have a good sense of fashion are oriented to details and that means having a quality right belt it’s an important factor. It is not only useful for a practical approach, but a great belt can be an elegant and chic accessory. Just keep things simple and classic, look for good quality materials and wear your outfits with confidence.

How to Choose the Right Leather Belts.

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On the market, you can find a lot of belts that are made from ecologic leather, petroleum or vinyl that have a really shiny appearance. We are not a huge fan of this glossy, unnatural shine and rather we like the natural leather material. A belt that is really shiny it’s considered to be an inferior product. Just look for belts that are made from real leather and avoid the cheap ones.


A good leather belt is supple and pliable so this means it will last for a very long time and that is made from 100% real leather and not synthetic materials. If you want to buy a new belt, just look for a supple and pliable one because it’s going to be more resilient than a poor quality belt.


Usually, a good quality leather belt can be around $50-$120 dollar range. Anything that is lower than this price means you will sacrifice to buy a cheap and poor quality product. Our recommendation is to look for leather belts on promotions and sales.

So if you are asking yourself how to choose the right leather belt, you need to take into consideration these three factors: shine, pliability and cost. If still, you are not sure how to look for the best leather belt, our advice would be to look for “100% full-grain-leather” because this means that the product is made from the most durable, flexible and qualitative fabric.

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