Floral midi dress

How to be more graceful and feminine this summer

This summer catwalks served up an eye-popping bouquet of floral. Yes, this season everything is blooming! Especially our dresses!

A floral dress is a reminder of cool breeze and fragrant blossoms. And it’s pretty sure that this kind of dress is enough to make you look beautiful! And because a floral dress is on its own attractive, accessorizing can be a bit difficult. That’s why if you choose to style a floral midi dress with colorful accessories you can end up looking like a big flower pot.

But how to proceed when it comes to styling floral midi dress? We saw the stylish piece almost everywhere, from weekend brunches to birthday dinners –  this is the perfect solution for summer.

A floral midi dress it’s remarkably versatile, being pretty easy to dress up and down. You can wear the dress with almost anything, from a denim jacket, to a breezy cardigan, from a pair of sneakers to a pair of stylish high-heeled strappy sandals. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t know exactly how to wear  floral midi dress during summer? We’ve got you covered! You’ll fall in love with these chic outfits!

  1. For a summery look, match the midi floral dress with a pair of flat sandals in a nude color and complete the outfit with a hat and a shoulder bag with a cool print. For the dress, you can choose vivid colors, like rose, peachy, even nude. Or you can choose the perfect summery combination of red, turquoise, light green, oink and zesty orange.
  2. You can also pair the floral midi dress with a pair or white sneakers and a metallic shoulder bag. For those chilly summer days complete the outfit with a leather jacket.
  3. For a casual summer vibe, you can opt for a floral dress in neutral tones, and pair it with some platform heels and brought along a neutral cardigan to keep you warm.

Don’t be afraid to wear a floral midi dress. It is the perfect staple for summer days and it will give you a graceful, feminine look. You will surely catch everyone’s eye with a dress like this.

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