Dresses During Winter

Outside is freezing cold but that doesn’t mean you need to hide all your dresses in the closet. Dresses are not only for the summer/spring season, you can also wear them in the winter.

Any woman loves how she looks in a dress and they have the potential to look stylish if you know how to style them.

To wear a dress during winter you need to have some basic items like leggings, boots, tights, socks, cardigans, sweater and scarves. You want to look adorable, but don’t forget that being warm is the top priority.

Tips on How to Wear a Dress During Winter

  • Wear your lace summer dress with a leather jacket, black tights and black ankle boots;
  • Choose an overcoat for a minimal look;
  • To keep yourself warm add as many layers as possible, wear a sweater, a cardigan a coat and a scarf;
  • Match a romantic dress with pretty tights and lace-up boots;
  • Wear a cardigan as long as the dress is, tights and a knit scarf;
  • A simple dress will take your look to the next level if you wear it with high boots that are almost like wearing pants because your legs are covered;
  • The denim jacket will always look good over any dress;
  • Wear an A-line dress, a basic black cardigan and cinch your waist by adding a thin belt over the cardigan;
  • If you don’t like tights you can choose to wear tight-high sock under your high boots;
  • Underneath your sleeveless summer dress you can wear a button shirt;
  • If you are going to work just add a blazer on top of the dress;
  • For an urban look, layer your outfit with a hoodie, a scarf and ankle boots;
  • Wear a sweater over your dress to make it look like a skirt;
  • Wear knit tights and over them add a new layer of socks;
  • Wearing a fur vest over your outfit will keep you extra warm;
  • Wear accessories for an extravagant look like bangles, gold rings, statement earrings;

Wearing a dress during the winter can be tricky, but if you take in consideration our tips you will totally look stylish and feel warm at the same time.

Just learn to play with layers, like cardigans, sweater or socks. Invest in a fur vest that will make your outfit urban and chic. And to help you out, here’s a short gallery of clothes & accessories that you could wear this winter

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