How to build a super-power software developing team

Building a great software developing team is not an easy task for most of the project managers. The success or failure of a development team can be associate with the expertise and skill sets that the members of the team bring.

More companies believe in the power of “we” rather than “I” and this aspect can be seen in the skills that HR, PM and CEO are looking in a candidate. Teamwork is essential in order to deliver great software products.

But how you can build an awesome software developing team?

All the great projects have a solid foundation and building a solid team is no exception. In order to make sure that your team is fully efficient and has great communication between members of the team you have to be careful what type of people you hire.

The HR specialists agrees that having a smaller mix team makes it easier to manage, communicate and connect. Also they agree that any software developing team has to have a senior developer with experience and intuition.

In a perfect software team you must have product managers, designers, marketers, and operations as well as developers and testers.

Provide for them

Creating a perfect team is just the first step but maintaining the team is another discussion. The most important aspect is to be there when they need you and offer them support and understanding.

Encourage them to participate in user groups, or start one of their own. Provide courses and activities that are really important for them.

In order to do the best work possible is important that your team is shield from the randomness in the rest of the company.

From the developing process until the software maintenance part your team must be in the same page. A good communication between the members of the team is highly important in any step of the developing process.

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