Bandeau maxi dress with side splits

Don’t be afraid to show some skin!

The bandeau maxi dress with side splits has the perfect balance between showing and not showing skin! The volume of material in the bottom part evens out the sleeveless part and the potential cleavage.

If you want to look like a real fashionista and put together an effortless look, go for a bandeau maxi dress with side splits. A floral print is all that is missing to a dress like this! The flowy and voluminous bottom part will make you feel so light and easy!

A pair of high heel sandals with a bit of platform in a color which you can find on the dress is the perfect match for it! Add a clutch or a small handbag and the outfit is complete! If the splits are way up on the leg, there are some dresses which have like a second skirt under it, just to be sure that you won’t be revealing too much skin! They look very stylish and feel comfortable at the same time!

A bandeau dress could have a loose fit at the top part if it has some elastic to hold it in place. A dress like this will let your body breath and the material will not stick to your skin in the hot days. If you choose a wrap bandeau dress, the overlapping parts at the bottom will give that flowy and romantic look to the outfit.

A floral printed material is the perfect one to match a dress like this! The split on the side will reveal as much as you want depending on how much fabric there is and only when you walk.

A pair of nude loafers are the perfect footwear to complete an outfit so romantic and dreamy like this and you won’t even feel the need to wear a bag.

If you are more for happy colors and bold prints, go for it! As long as you are wearing a maxi skirt, they all look good on it, even the big geometrical prints: aztec motives, flowers, abstract themes, you name it! When wearing a bandeau maxi dress like this you want to mark the waist in order to create a center of attention and to give a certain structure to your outfit!

The higher the splits, the better! Don’t forget about shoes, because they will show, especially when you walk! Feel free to add whatever accessories you want as long as they match and you feel comfortable!

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