A2Z Vehicle Check Blackrock

A2Z Vehicle Check


We are a Dublin Based Mobile Used Car Inspection Service

What do we offer?

Our service is commonly known as HPI- Hire Purchase Inspection
We can perform a comprehensive check of a used vehicle that you may wish to purchase
We are qualified and experienced to find subtle evidence of repaired body panels, telltale signs of major mechanical work
We deliver a detailed and understandable report with car photos, and the summary of an overall condition

Why do you need us?

Essentially, you need us to protect yourself from being ripped off
We check the things you must know when buying a pre-owned vehicle
The inspection gives you leverage to negotiate a price
Buying a used car without getting it independently inspected may result in purchasing a car that is unreliable and could cost you a lot more money in future repairs


Established in 2014.

Throughout many years of working in the Irish Motor Trade we have noticed that car buyers are facing immense problems when purchasing used cars.

Therefore, we have tailored our service to solve this ongoing problem. Our main aim is to take the pain out of purchasing a used car. We developed a service which matches our customers’ needs.

A2Z Vehicle Check Service is comprehensive, therefore it is a reliable guidance when making a decision of whether to invest in a car or not.

We are not just offering a visual inspection or a database check on its own. Instead we offer a service which combines everything. On top of our visual inspection, we interview the seller, check the seller’s and the vehicle’s identity, access and review the history available on the online databases and research the car’s common flaws.

After rigorously assessing all of this information, we come to a final conclusion. This gives the customer an overall evaluation about the vehicle in question.

Meet the Business Owner

Andrius Z.

Business Owner

Working with cars and their mechanics for the last 20 years has given me a comprehensive
understanding. My father is a mechanic, and therefore I spent most of my childhood helping him repairing cars. I got my first job as an apprentice when I was sixteen years of age. I served many years working on cars and light commercials. Later I went into administering mechanical workshops and car sales.

A2Z Vehicle Check informations – contact details, staff, business hours, photos and reviews. A2Z Vehicle Check Blackrock is also relevant for Garages.

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