Short history of PHP


PHP is a scripting language for servers used mostly in web development. The language was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It originally stated for Personal Home Page, but it’s more used as PHP: Hypertext preprocessor.

PHP can be embedded into HMTL code and from there on you can use it in a various types of templates, CMS’s and frameworks.

It had been more than 20 since then and PHP had been through 5 major updates since then, starting with PHP 3 and 4 in the late 1990’s (1998 to be more precise). PHP 5 was relesed in 2007, being powered by Zend Engine II, being a more object oriented programming.

PHP 6 was an inmproved version of with Unicode added, released in March 2010, and the last known version of PHP, the 7, had been up since December 2015 and it’s going to be up until December 2018. Another version of PHP, 7.1, will be up in November this year and is going to have void return type, class constant visibility modifiers and nullable types.

PHP it’s mostly secure these days, but some years ago had some security issues. For example, in 2013, around 9 % of vulnerabilities were linked to some php code, and around 25-30 % of all security vulnerabilities were linked to PHP. Being a server scripting language, it is the target of most of the hackers, needing constant improvement year after year.

PHP development is something big these days, with a lot of people that require people specialised in php and other programing languages for their websites and servers. Most companies have teams of php developers, since most of the projects these days require complex work and a lot of attention…. and all need to be made in the shortest time possible.

Did you ever needed to make a project and required a php team ? What was your experience with them ?

Personalised Cufflinks


Both men and women like to express themselves. Well, although it is true that women can express themselves much more easily since they have available more things to play with, men have the possibility to make fashion statements also. It is very important to know that although cufflinks are not as popular as they were, they are still great for people who want to express themselves. There is the possibility to buy personalized cufflinks and of course you can order them at a jewelry store. The cufflinks that are made from precious metals are great because if they have a classical design they will never be out of style. Also, they are an amazing gift or family inheritance. But, many men don’t know exactly what are cufflinks. Well they replace the buttons of a shirt. Only the buttons on the wrist.

 If you know what are cufflinks let’s now see how to wear cufflinks

Well, you can wear on a daily basis if you wear a suit. If not, you can wear them on special occasions. A black tie event or a white tie one requires cufflinks. But, this does not mean you cannot wear them on other events. On weddings, they are great. But, the answer on the how to wear cufflinks is more complicated than this. You must have great clothing that is made from a good fiber. The shirt and all the clothing items must be impeccable. Also, do not forget that the attitude is also important.

These are all reasons for which you must carefully choose the sore you buy clothes of cufflinks. There are amazing stores, but you may find the prices a little too high. Luckily, you can find products on sale. You must always remember how important it is to wear impeccable clothing items and that for special occasions you only need one great shirt. do not forget about online stores. You can find there amazing products at great prices. And, if you don’t like them there is no problem because you can return them. Even if you don’t like elegant clothes, remember, that you might need a pair of cufflinks because you never know where you will be invited.

How to start a clothing business

How to start a clothing business

If you like clothes, than maybe you should start a clothing business. There are so many people that are unhappy at their workplaces but they have all kind of hobbies that can make them rich. The clothes are a commodity that have always brought fortune to the people who produced and sold it. So, if you like clothes, a clothing business is something that you should think about. It might be hard especially at the beginning this is why if possible you should keep your current job until you make sure the business makes profit. You must be organized and plan every single detail if you want your business to succeed.

If you don’t know how to start a clothing line, maybe our advice will help you

So, if you want, but you don’t know how to start a clothing line, then there are a few things that might help you. First of all, you must decide who will wear your clothes. Men or women, young or old, there are the most important categories that you must choose from. Also, it is very important to decide if you want to start a clothing line for people that are able to spend large sums of money or if you want a clothing business that addresses to those who like to wear nice clothes but do not have a large budget.

If you decide all of these, you can then decide exactly what kind of clothes you will produce what materials you will need and if you need other people to help you make the clothes. So, you will be able to calculate a budget. Surely, you will need even more money for the administrative stuff, but it is important to buy everything you need to produce the clothes and then start selling them and make profit. You can use different sources of inspiration but it is highly advised to create unique pieces of clothing, no matter who will buy them. It might be hard on the beginning, but along the way you will learn everything and you will be albe to have your own successful business.

Morning skin care routine

Morning skin care routine

Every woman likes to be trendy. But, more important than look trendy is to look healthy and great. In order to do that, you must have a daily beauty routine. After you applied the cream, make-up must follow. In order to be always prepared, you must have a make-up kit. The most important things that it must contain are: the face primer, the foundation, the eyeliner pencil, the mascara and the lip gloss. There are some products that must be carried all the time, because there might be situations that require a refreshment of the make-up.

How to choose the products from your make-up kit

First things first, so let’s talk a little bit about the face prime. It is an essential product, since it protects your face from pollution and dust and it also helps your make-up last longer. You have to choose this product taking into account your skin tone and of course the ingredients. If you buy a product like this in order to use it in the summer, make sure it does not contain any kind of oils, because otherwise your skin will have an oily aspect, and that’s not cool, right? The rules for choosing foundation are pretty much the same, except that it also needs a spf.

Eyeliner pencil is the second most important product, because it will be able to make you look amazing and rested. Eyes are a window to the soul, so they have to look great all the time. A waterproof product is the best option, but you should also be careful about the ingredients, especially if you are a more sensitive person. The color should match your eyes otherwise the result will surely be a disaster. The mascara should also be waterproof. At the office, the only accepted color is black, but in the evening you can wear brown or even blue mascara.

The lip gloss should have a more natural color if you will wear it during the day. Like in the care of mascara, in the evening you can try some more bold colors. But, no matter what make-up you wear, choose to emphasize either your eyes, either your lips, never both.

Black and White Flared Skirt

Black and White Flared Skirt

Being stylish does not necessary mean wearing trendy clothes. In order to be stylish, you should choose clothes that compliment your figure and make you feel comfortable. Actually, there are probably the most important rules that have to be taken into account when creating a wardrobe. But one thing is for sure. Every stylish woman must have at least one skirt. A black and white skirt might be the best option, since it can be paired with pretty much everything. Now, no matter if you are buying a black and white skirt or any other skirt, when choosing the design you have to take into account what kind of shoes you like to wear. If you want to buy a flared skirt, you should know that it looks great with both flats and heels, but if you are a plus size heels are preferred.

Where can I buy the perfect flare skirt?

Luckily there are many stores that sell great clothing items. You can find all kind of skirts, but before buying them, make sure that they complement your figure. If you are not sure what to buy, go and try some items. You can ask for advice, but if a friend joins you, ask her to be honest. If you are sure what kind of products you should wear, you can try and buy them from online stores. They are great especially for busy people. You can buy skirts and any other kind of clothing items from the office or from your home.

A black and white skirt is a great option even for women who do not like skirts. It is such a versatile product and you can wear it throughout the day. In the morning, you can wear it with an office shirt or top and in the evening you can add a sparkly collar and you are good to party. Also, it can be paired with pretty much every color as long as it fits your skin tone. You will be able to use this item in order to create new and amazing outfits every single day.

Leading hair care brands

Leading hair care brands

Looking great means taking care of every single aspect concerning your look. There are many things that can be done in order to look amazing, but surely one of the most important is to take care of your hair. Long or short, dyed or not, the hair is an important part of everyone’s life. There are some care products that can be used at home and they are the hair shampoo, mask and conditioner. Before choosing what to use, you maybe want to know that they are meant to be used for different needs. Another thing that you have to take into account is the brand. The well-known brands will probably have better products and you will surely find some at great prices.

What kind of hair shampoo to choose for my hair

First of all, you have to take into account if your hair is dyed or not. If it is, use a special shampoo, because they have ingredients that protect both the hair and the dye. Now, if you have thin hair, you will probably need a densifying shampoo. Such a shampoo has ingredients that will make your hair grow longer and healthier. A densifying shampoo is something that you generally find in every store, but not all the products will be able to give results. Not only in this case, but in all the cases that involve cosmetic products it is recommended to read reviews online and even ask questions to the people who already used them.

There are many stores that sell great hair products and you might want to take a peek to the online stores. Especially if you are busy, they are great because you can order the products no matter if you are at home, at the office or on vacation. The products will be delivered to your address, so you won’t have to lift a finger. All the information necessary to decide what to buy will be on the site so don’t worry about that either. In order to be able to enjoy your hair, ake sure that the products you bought are of a very good quality.

Urban Clothing Brands in Dublin

Urban Clothing Brands in Dublin

If you live in a big city you probably already know that urban clothing is a must. There are many clothing items that you can purchase in order to create great outfits every day. It is very important to choose urban clothing that suits your figure, because otherwise, no matter the price, you will not look amazing. Pants are great, but you can also wear different kind of dresses. But, since you have to feel comfortable, you will need a great pair of shoes. Probably the most comfortable are flats. If you like high heels, there is an option, because at the office you can wear them and when you get out, you can change to flats.

Urban clothing in Dublin and how to look amazing every single day

Dublin is such a great city and you surely find many stores that sell clothes. Urban clothing can combine different items, so you might already have them in your closet. The only thing that you have to do is to review it. If you want to create a new wardrobe using urban clothing, you should play a little bit with your imagination. There are many urban clothing brands, and you can mix and match all kind of items. It is recommended to take a friend with you and ask her to tell you her sincere opinion. Generally, all the clothes that make us feel comfortable are great for our figure, but this is not always true, so be careful.

All kind of urban clothing brands can be found in online stores. There are so many online stores and they are becoming more and more popular. And why should they not, because there is no fixed schedule and you can purchase your favorite clothing items even from your office. The online stores also deliver the products, but in order to make sure everything will go smoothly, you should carefully read the returning and delivery policies. Do not forget though that all the clothes you buy, no matter the brand, should be made from good quality materials. If you are on a tight budget, wait for the sales period.

Cycling paths near Dublin

Cycling paths near Dublin

Outdoor activities are great, especially if you are spending long hours at the office. Near Dublin, you will surely find some great roads and landscapes. Going cycling may help you see the beauty in all these landscapes, but you have to wear the perfect equipment. There are many things that you have to take into account in order to answer to the “What to wear mountain biking?” question. First of all, you have to take into account the weather. If the temperature is high, you must wear a sport t-shirt. You will be able to tan and your body will be able to create vitamin D. And we all know how important it is for our health.

Here some amazing cycling paths near Dublin:

Sutton via Fairview – this cycle paths take your from Sutton near Poolbeg Chimneys on the way to Fairview

Georgian Dublin via Dublin Bikes – Start from Parnell Street and go to Charlemont House and The Garden of Remembrance and then further north through Mountjoy Square and the loop around to Stephen’s Green and Merrion Square and Fitzwilliam Place.

Pigeon House via Blackrock – coastal bike line between Blackrock and Sandymount with the sea breeze behind you back, a good way to cool yourself on a hot day. Even those are rare in Dublin

Howth Head via Malahide – go alond the Coast Road from Dublin seaside town of Howth to Malahide Castle. An uphill for those who want a little bit of a challenge.

What to wear mountain biking and where can you find a great sport t-shirt

You can find many clothing items perfect for mountain biking, not only t-shirts in the stores that sell sport equipment. If you spend a lot of time at the office, the best way to shop for this kind of items are the online stores. You will have all the information and details regarding every single product. The array of sport clothing items is large and the prices are great. Plus, no matter what you order, all the products will be delivered to your address.

And now, let’s talk about your outfit. We must say that a sport t-shirt is not only great for sunny days, it can be worn on rainy days too, as long as you have a sweat shirt. No matter what kind of equipment you buy, be careful about the materials it is made from. A great cycling equipment lets your skin breath. The same thing can be said about the shoes. No matter what kind of cycling equipment you choose to buy, do not forget to match all the pieces. All the clothing items must match, but the same thing can be said about the shoes and the accessories. When we say accessories we think about a backpack and a hat. Another thing that might be helpful is a pair of sun glasses. And now the only thing that you have to to is to enjoy your trip.

Urban Outfits in Dublin

Urban Outfits in Dublin

If you live in a large city like Dublin, you have to buy clothes that are versatile and comfortable. There are entire lines designed for urban outfits, because there are more and more people who are living in great cities and they like to be stylish. There are some rules and guidelines that allow us to form great urban outfits, but the most important one is that it has to be comfortable. Usually, when we are thinking about urban outfits, we forget the dresses. If you love them, you should know that there are some great urban dresses that will make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

How to wear urban dresses in order to look amazing and feel comfortable all the time

You probably already know that there are so many choices when it comes to dresses. Amazing urban outfits can be created using dresses, but they have to be paired with a great pair of shoes, usually flats. Also, in the spring or fall, you should use a jacket, because there are so many options even for these particular items. Long dresses can be worn only in the summer. For the rest of the year, midi or mini ones is the right choice. Do not forget that all the clothing items must complete one another in order to create an amazing look.

There are so many combinations you can create, so you should play a little bit with your imagination. But, if you are not sure that an outfit is good for you, ask for an honest opinion. In case you already know what kind of clothing items are perfect for you, online stores should be your next step. They have a large array of items at great prices. In order to buy the, you won’t even have to leave your house or your office, because all the products will be delivered to the specified address. This is a great option for very busy people, but of course everyone can enjoy online shopping. Do not forget to choose clothes that compliment your figure, no matter the outfit!

Pool Party Swimwear


Summer is a wonderful season and that means fun pool parties every weekend. For women the most important thing when they go to a pool party is to have an amazing, yet comfortable outfit. Women swimwear nowadays can be found in many designs, colors and patterns. You need to look natural and fresh but also you need to be anytime ready to jump in the pool for a cooling moment.

What to wear pool party: Swimwear, Cover-up & Shoes

The swimwear is the most important element in your outfit so choose it with patience and confidence. To be confident about yourself and that you chosen the perfect swimsuit just check some guides that will help you to know what body type do you have and what looks best on you. If you are going at a night party we recommend you to choose a statement one piece swimsuit with crystals, metal details or with jewels. These tiny and elegant details will make you look glamorous and fabulous. For a classic approach just choose a simple swimsuit in black, emerald green or baby blue, depending on your skin tone. If you have a day time party you can wear also some florals, girly ruffles or bohemian fringes. These are the hottest trends this season for swimsuit wear. Get inspired by exotic and tribal patterns which will make you stand out and look feminine, also stylish.

Once you have chosen the perfect swimsuit for you, you need to look for a cover-up to match your outfit. You can wear a kimono, a large scarf or a maxi dress. Also go for bold designs like tribal prints, Aztec prints, ethnic prints and other exotic looks.

For a pool party is best to feel comfortable and have fun so be sure you choose some flats, flip-flops or sandals. You can find elegant and stylish sandals with embroidery details, fringes, even Swarovski crystals if you want something more special.