What to pack for Rome

If you’re traveling to Rome, figuring out what to pack can be daunting, because Rome is definitely one of the most fashionable cities in the world. Italians have a sophisticated and classy style, yet simple and effortless.

Here are some suggestions for a fancy Italian appearance:

1. Clouds Print Skirt

With this skirt with clouds you will definitely steal the spotlight. Go for a cozy sweater over your skater skirt, and wear it with a leather jacket and no cardigan!

2. Extravagant outfit for fall

For a stylish appearance in Rome pull out your cozy jacket, dress up your pleated skirt and pair it with some burgundy sneakers.

3. High Waisted Skirt & Platforms

Pair a medium floral printed skirt with a long sleeve shirt and some lace up flat shoes. So classy and cute!

4. Vintage Vibe

Painting printed skirt, high heels and a beige trench coat – you can wear this outfit for a dinner at one of your favorite restaurants in Rome.

5. Romantic Winter in Rome

Black and red represents a classy combo. This look is perfect to wear with boots in winter and with sandals in summer.

6. Fall Day Outfit

With a neutral colored outfit it’s hard for you to go wrong, and with boots like these you can get away all day long.

What to Wear in UK: City break in London

Usually, the London look is classy, never messy and involves plenty of classic pieces. You can opt for classic, well fitted black jeans, nice, modern skirts and cozy walking shoes or boots. Don’t forget your umbrella!

So when you visit, here are some suggestions to help you find out what to wear while in London.

1. Rainy Day Out

The most appropriate outfit for a rainy day in London. Throw on a simple blazer and go for neutral colors. The boots are ridiculously cute, too!

2. Pink Trench Coat

This pink trench coat should keep you warm throughout your stay in London.

3. Denim Day in London

Keep it real in this true classic blue and red combo! Also, this pair of ankle boots with tiny heels is the best choice for a trip in London – travel means walking, and walking in bad shoes leads to painful feet.

4. Brown & Beige

Warm coat, cozy boots and a Fedora hat – all these in a delicious shade of caramel. What else do you need to stay comfortable, yet stylish in London?

5. Almost winter! Prepare your wardrobe!

It’s easy to get cold quickly if you are outside in wet, windy, or cold weather. That’s why you should choose to wear warmer fabrics like wool and leather in London. Bad weather does not mean that you have to abandon wearing color. Pick a colorful scarf and a yellow mustard cape for a stylish appearance.

6. Urban Winter Season

Black and white combos are always stunning! Rock a fluffy black and white coat. So classic, and helps to keep you warmer.

What to Wear in Las Vegas During the Day

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and don’t know what to wear? Don’t be afraid! During the day wear comfortable shoes, a light jacket, a sweater and a large bag to fill it with goodies. There is no strict dress code for Las Vegas.

Here are some suggestions with super cozy outfits you can wear in Vegas:

1. Rainy Day Out

For a rainy day pick a simple outfit. A pair of stylish boots and a jacket like this one are perfect to wear even if you are going to one of their stunning shows

2. Sporty chic style

A pair of boyfriend jeans, metallic sneakers and a cool jacket. That’s all you need for a relaxed, yet chic look.

3. Urban Edgy

Baby, it’s cold outside! Don’t forget your coat! Mix it with ripped jeans and a cozy sweater with a metallic effect. Shine bright like a diamond on the streets of Las Vegas!

4. Leather & Pink

Leather and pink for a pretty great look! Your streets are about to get more colorful, Las Vegas!

5. Leather & Pink

Ripped jeans and crop tops are great for a comfortable look.

6. Fall outfit

You want to look casual but stylish, so you do still want to look sharp. This kind of ensemble is perfect to wear in Vegas during the day

All the looks are generated using the online collage creator tool from StylishCircle, which you can also use for free.

What to wear in a Paris City Break

There’s no doubt that Parisians have that je ne sais quoi, which makes them super stylish, no matter what they do. As a tourist, a trip in Paris can be really intimidating.

Wondering what to wear in Paris? Here are some outfit suggestions that will help you plan for your dream trip.

Dress like a fashionable Parisian woman: wear a beige skater skirt and a pink Lolita shirt. Keep it simple, keep it stylish!

French style is a way of life. Play with colors and love the vintage clothes!

Choose a stunning outfit in navy, green and red – perfect for rainy weather. The stylish cardigan is ideal to wear throughout the year.

How to Dress in Paris in Winter

Do you admire Parisian style? Stick with classic neutrals such as navy, black or beige.

How to dress in Paris in Spring

A pair of classy jeans, a stylish printed shirt and a leather jacket is all you need for a simple, cool and modern Parisian look.

For a cozy trip wear flattering basics. Riding boots, a scarf and an oversized sweater are all appropriate for Parisian chic style.

How to Pack for a Beach Holiday

If you are stuck in winter’s icy grip, a beach trip represents the best solution for you. Be ready for a funny and relaxing trip and be sure to pack your chic swimsuit and sun tan lotion, and leave your chunky sweaters, coats and gloves at home.

Don’t stress out about packing for your trip! Here are some cool suggestions:

1. Beach Time

All you need to look good in your holiday is a fancy one-piece swimsuit. Complete the outfit with an oversized straw hat and some cool accessories.

2. Eclectic Beach Wear

Express your femininity. Wear bright colors, a color block swimsuit and mix it with a flower printed kimono and laser cut shorts! Super exotic!

3. Sailor Inspired

Choose blue, white and gold shades for a spectacular look. This might be the prettiest mix for a holiday by the beach.

4. Ready For the Beach

A timeless black swimsuit is a great choice! Opt for a large bag to carry your essentials and shade your eyes with a pair of playful sunglasses.

5. Beach Outfit

Keep it simple in a white swimsuit and neutral accessories. Wear a straw hat to keep your face protected from the sun and before you hit the beach don’t forget to apply a creamy sunblock!

6. 1980 Beach Outfit

Retro style? Nothing easier. Choose a pin up swimsuit, a comfortable beach bag and some colored oversized sunglasses.

Leather coats or wool coats

Best winter coats for women

Winter coats are the staple in any wardrobe. This season the most fashionable coats are: leather coats and wool coats.

And because a good winter jacket can make the difference between an enjoyable winter and a long and miserable one, we thought you’d love to know how to style your leather coat and your wool winter coat to feel stylish and cozy at the same time. Just make sure you’ll have these two beauties in your closet and embrace the beautiful cold season!

How to wear a leather coat with style

Leather is like a second skin. A good leather jacket is an expensive item that totally worth the money. Why? Because you can wear your coat from fall to spring and look super chic any time. The good news is that anyone can get away with wearing a leather coat: you don’t have to ride a motorcycle or to have a tough attitude. Leather coats look good with almost anything, from sequin dresses to sporty outfits.

This winter you can layer your leather coat over a plaid shirt, add some cameo pants if you want to look extra tough, ankle boots and a chunky scarf for a serious winter vibe.  For a sunny day, add a pair of oversized sunglasses and your outfit will be complete.

For a seriously glam outfit go for an all-black ensemble.

How to wear a wool coat with style

A wool coat represents the perfect piece for this season, mostly because can be styled in so many ways starting from classic looks to urban-chic or glamorous looks. Because of the fabric, this kind of coat is thicker than most others, that’s why the trick of wearing a wool pea coat is to buy one one size large. That, if you’d love to wear your oversized sweaters with it.

For a casual style balance the look by wearing boyfriend jeans, a simple grey sweater with a cool pair of sneakers and a spacious tote. If you simply love sweet colors and classy looks, pick a mustard yellow wool coat and mix it with a little black lace dress and a pair of over the knee boots. Extra stylish!

Make sure you’ll pick the right coat for you! The pleasure of finding the perfect coat is that you probably won’t need to look again for a very long time.

Cowboy Hats

There are many clothing items inspired from the traditional outfits around the world. Cowboy hats are probably one of the best known such products. There are many people who love to wear cowboy hats, especially because they can bring an air of uniqueness in many outfits. American hat styles are actually quite many, but this is the one that is known and loved all over the world. The cowboy hat can be considered one of the many men hat styles, but is also worn by women. There are actually many types of hats that can be worn by both men and women.

How to choose the right hat?

Back in the days the hats were used by both men and women. Today, they are still used, but not so much. This is why when someone uses a hat, he or she can use it as a statement. Regarding the American hat styles, as we already said, the cowboy hat is the best known one. It can be worn by both men and women. Generally, it goes with many casual outfits, and it is used in the spring and in the fall. In the summer, there are other men hat styles that go great. In the hot summer days, no matter if you are a woman or a man it is best to choose a hat that is made from a thin material. The material should repel the sun rays and keep you cool.

Hats are great, because they are great accessories that have a practical purpose. You can find them in many stores, but when choosing the design of the hat, make sure to take into account the shape of your face and also your figure. You can choose a hat that has a bright color, so that you can make an impression. No matter what kind of hat you choose to wear, make sure you have the right clothes. Otherwise, instead of creating a unique look, you will create a disastrous one. it is also important to carefully choose  the store you buy the hat from. It must be able to provide impeccable products and services.

Quality leather belts for men

Bets are important accessories, especially for men. There are many outfits that require belts, both casual and elegant. When choosing a certain outfit, you must make sure to also have the right belt. Generally, the belt must match with the shoes. At more formal outfits, this choices might be pretty easy, but on the same time, when choosing the perfect belt for a casual outfit, the choice might be a little bit more complicated, especially since the casual shoes can have different colors.

It is very important to choose the right quality leather belt

Accessories are just as important for men as they are for women. There are fewer accessories for men, but they must be very carefully bought. First of all, for elegant outfits, leather belts are a must. Genuine leather belts must be always matching the shoes. The color and the style must be taken into consideration when dressing for a formal event.

There are many stores and many producers that offer you the possibility to buy belts, but leather ones are of course the best. You can find also many online stores that sell great belts. Make sure to buy from a store that offers all the information you need in order to buy a certain belt. The best stores offer all sorts of information and of course a picture of the product. You can also choose some belt accessories for a fashion statement…. or just for fun.

The best way to decide if you should buy a product or another is to also read what people who already bought the product think about it. But, the most important thing is to match the belt with your outfit and especially with your shoes.

It is very important to look well, no matter the situation, but at evening events and at the office is important to look impeccable. A leather belt is of course more expensive than one that is mare from other type of material, but it can be considered an investment since it can be worn a lifetime. If you are on a tight budget, you should wait for the sales periods, but you should never buy a cheap product.

Short history of PHP

PHP is a scripting language for servers used mostly in web development. The language was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It originally stated for Personal Home Page, but it’s more used as PHP: Hypertext preprocessor.

PHP can be embedded into HMTL code and from there on you can use it in a various types of templates, CMS’s and frameworks.

It had been more than 20 since then and PHP had been through 5 major updates since then, starting with PHP 3 and 4 in the late 1990’s (1998 to be more precise). PHP 5 was relesed in 2007, being powered by Zend Engine II, being a more object oriented programming.

PHP 6 was an inmproved version of with Unicode added, released in March 2010, and the last known version of PHP, the 7, had been up since December 2015 and it’s going to be up until December 2018. Another version of PHP, 7.1, will be up in November this year and is going to have void return type, class constant visibility modifiers and nullable types.

PHP it’s mostly secure these days, but some years ago had some security issues. For example, in 2013, around 9 % of vulnerabilities were linked to some php code, and around 25-30 % of all security vulnerabilities were linked to PHP. Being a server scripting language, it is the target of most of the hackers, needing constant improvement year after year.

PHP development is something big these days, with a lot of people that require people specialised in php and other programing languages for their websites and servers. Most companies have teams of php developers, since most of the projects these days require complex work and a lot of attention…. and all need to be made in the shortest time possible.

Did you ever needed to make a project and required a php team ? What was your experience with them ?

Personalised Cufflinks

Both men and women like to express themselves. Well, although it is true that women can express themselves much more easily since they have available more things to play with, men have the possibility to make fashion statements also. It is very important to know that although cufflinks are not as popular as they were, they are still great for people who want to express themselves. There is the possibility to buy personalized cufflinks and of course you can order them at a jewelry store. The cufflinks that are made from precious metals are great because if they have a classical design they will never be out of style. Also, they are an amazing gift or family inheritance. But, many men don’t know exactly what are cufflinks. Well they replace the buttons of a shirt. Only the buttons on the wrist.

 If you know what are cufflinks let’s now see how to wear cufflinks

Well, you can wear on a daily basis if you wear a suit. If not, you can wear them on special occasions. A black tie event or a white tie one requires cufflinks. But, this does not mean you cannot wear them on other events. On weddings, they are great. But, the answer on the how to wear cufflinks is more complicated than this. You must have great clothing that is made from a good fiber. The shirt and all the clothing items must be impeccable. Also, do not forget that the attitude is also important.

These are all reasons for which you must carefully choose the sore you buy clothes of cufflinks. There are amazing stores, but you may find the prices a little too high. Luckily, you can find products on sale. You must always remember how important it is to wear impeccable clothing items and that for special occasions you only need one great shirt. do not forget about online stores. You can find there amazing products at great prices. And, if you don’t like them there is no problem because you can return them. Even if you don’t like elegant clothes, remember, that you might need a pair of cufflinks because you never know where you will be invited.